Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ENDTIMES - Descension (2013)

Well...it's been a minute. After intermittently logging on to see what's new in the world of music blogs, there isn't much. I think maybe this shit hit critical mass and needed a breather. Not to mention blogs getting deleted along with entire mediafire libraries getting the axe had people feeling pretty defeated. I wiped out my archives because I was still getting takedown notices for old posts that didn't even have working links. I feel the worst has passed and I'd like to get back to sharing music and spreading info about independent artists that want and could use the exposure. If you want the latest 320 rip of the 4th re-release of a Ghost album that's been out for less than a year, it's easy to get and you don't need my help to find it. That being said, on to the tuuuunnnnnes maaaaannnnnn.

Texas is crushing it right now. A ton of my 2013 faves hail from The Lone Star State such as Power Trip, Hatred Surge, War Master, and Mammoth Grinder. Dallas rippers ENDTIMES perpetrate an unstoppable barrage of metallic hardcore with grooves for dayzzz. You can hear traces of their texas brethren in their sound, but Descension also brings stuff like Sepultura, Integrity, even some early In Flames to mind. That being said, just click below and you can hear for yourself. A name your price download is also available.



  1. glad to have u back, u going to post a best of 2013 list?

    1. thank you! I'll try and get one together. It may be a bit lazy. I dig the "best of" feedback though, so I can check out all the stuff I've been sleepin on.

  2. Brett, glad to see some posts... I just decided to log in and check what I've missed and it doesn't really seem like too much as well, I even received a take down notice of a mediafire link that I posted of my own band (WHAT?). I too would like to read a best of list.

  3. fuck! good to see you posting again, dude.