Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dead Man - The All Too Well Known (2013)

Well I haven't posted in a while (what the fuck else is new?) but to be honest, I'm not coming across a lot to share that the band or label wants to be shared. It's hard times out here ya'll. And if your band has sent me a bandcamp link or .zip or something don't be offended I haven't checked the e-mail in ages. BUT I found something that slays and is a "Name Your Price" download.

I came across Dead Man browsing through an awesome youtube channel called Graveyard Lust. If you haven't checked it out, definitely do so.

On to the album. Dead Man are from Oakland California. "The All Too Well Known" is 4 tracks of grim, d-beating, punk/metal madness. This is some raw shit. Not recorded with a 1-track recorder raw, but pure evil aggression raw. It plays like a violent live performance, so I can only imagine what their rituals(that's concerts, guys) are like in person. Very eager to hear more from Dead Man. Here's a link to their bandcamp where you can download the album and purchase the cassette.


UPDATE: They apparently broke up 12/31/2013. RIP