Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Integrity Downloads From the Band

For those of you don't know, the bulk of Integrity's releases are available directly from the band at no cost to the listener. I guess it's a nice fuck you to Tony Victory, plus they get their due from fanboys like me that have like 20 Integrity t-shirts.

This shit is absolutely essential. Integrity Seamlessly blend the fury of oldschool hardcore with the grim concepts and fast-paced riffing that are more akin to death metal and thrash metal. The history of this band is long and strange, so a write-up on that is pretty much out of the question.

Most of the crucial efforts are represented here. There's also some free Pale Creation, Rot In Hell, and Blind To Faith downloads.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

first post

I have a lot of downtime at work in front of the computer. I spend it browsing blogs and checking out records. I will now spend some of that time on my own blog posting links to records. . .