Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dropout - Turn Away From The Light (2014)

This is my band's new full length. It's being pirated, which is awesome. Stoked people are listening. It's a rip of the stream though, so here's the 320 album from bandcamp.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Gatecreeper - Gatecreeper (2014)

Beefy death metal from Arizona. Features Members of Territory. May or may not have gotten their name from a Magic The Gathering card. Real heavy shit for fans of early Scandinavian death metal and their contemporaries like Skinfather and Xibalba.

Download At Bandcamp

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dead Man - The All Too Well Known (2013)

Well I haven't posted in a while (what the fuck else is new?) but to be honest, I'm not coming across a lot to share that the band or label wants to be shared. It's hard times out here ya'll. And if your band has sent me a bandcamp link or .zip or something don't be offended I haven't checked the e-mail in ages. BUT I found something that slays and is a "Name Your Price" download.

I came across Dead Man browsing through an awesome youtube channel called Graveyard Lust. If you haven't checked it out, definitely do so.

On to the album. Dead Man are from Oakland California. "The All Too Well Known" is 4 tracks of grim, d-beating, punk/metal madness. This is some raw shit. Not recorded with a 1-track recorder raw, but pure evil aggression raw. It plays like a violent live performance, so I can only imagine what their rituals(that's concerts, guys) are like in person. Very eager to hear more from Dead Man. Here's a link to their bandcamp where you can download the album and purchase the cassette.


UPDATE: They apparently broke up 12/31/2013. RIP

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Occultist - Death Sigils (2013)

Last year Richmond's Occultist gave us a beast of an EP with "Hell By Our Hands." It got heavy rotation on the iPod, but clocking in at around 12 minutes, I needed MOOOORRRRRRE! A year later they deliver with 8 tracks of their signature deathcrust. This one leans more toward the metal side than the previous release, but as a metal head, I approve. This band rips. Check it out on bandcamp. Name Your Price download available.


Don't have their EP? You're slippin


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ENDTIMES - Descension (2013)

Well...it's been a minute. After intermittently logging on to see what's new in the world of music blogs, there isn't much. I think maybe this shit hit critical mass and needed a breather. Not to mention blogs getting deleted along with entire mediafire libraries getting the axe had people feeling pretty defeated. I wiped out my archives because I was still getting takedown notices for old posts that didn't even have working links. I feel the worst has passed and I'd like to get back to sharing music and spreading info about independent artists that want and could use the exposure. If you want the latest 320 rip of the 4th re-release of a Ghost album that's been out for less than a year, it's easy to get and you don't need my help to find it. That being said, on to the tuuuunnnnnes maaaaannnnnn.

Texas is crushing it right now. A ton of my 2013 faves hail from The Lone Star State such as Power Trip, Hatred Surge, War Master, and Mammoth Grinder. Dallas rippers ENDTIMES perpetrate an unstoppable barrage of metallic hardcore with grooves for dayzzz. You can hear traces of their texas brethren in their sound, but Descension also brings stuff like Sepultura, Integrity, even some early In Flames to mind. That being said, just click below and you can hear for yourself. A name your price download is also available.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Integrity Downloads From the Band

For those of you don't know, the bulk of Integrity's releases are available directly from the band at no cost to the listener. I guess it's a nice fuck you to Tony Victory, plus they get their due from fanboys like me that have like 20 Integrity t-shirts.

This shit is absolutely essential. Integrity Seamlessly blend the fury of oldschool hardcore with the grim concepts and fast-paced riffing that are more akin to death metal and thrash metal. The history of this band is long and strange, so a write-up on that is pretty much out of the question.

Most of the crucial efforts are represented here. There's also some free Pale Creation, Rot In Hell, and Blind To Faith downloads.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

first post

I have a lot of downtime at work in front of the computer. I spend it browsing blogs and checking out records. I will now spend some of that time on my own blog posting links to records. . .